Climate Consciousness Summit

Steffi Bednarek
Psychotherapist | Trauma Therapist | Climate Psychologist & Author

Steffi’s work explores the intersection between climate change, complexity thinking and the human Psyche and aims to bring Soul back into life, work and relationships. 

Steffi supports organisations, teams and individuals to adapt to the mental-health impact that climate change has on people. She encourages us to attend to the deep wounding and moral injury of living in a wounded world and to foster psychologically mature response -’ability’ in times of upheaval.

Her book 'Climate, Psychology and Change" will be published in 2024. It has been called 'a work of wisdom and radical ideas' and has been endorsed by Fritjof Capra, Bill McKibben, Satish Kumar, Nora Bateson and others.

Steffi is an Associate of the Climate Psychology Alliance, 'Firekeeper' at the World Ethics Forum and Associate of the American Psychological Association’s Climate Change Group. She also co-founded the journal 'Explorations into Climate Psychology’

Her book "Climate, Psychology and Change" will be available for pre-order in Spring 2024