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Rola Hallam
Award-winning doctor | Trauma-informed life coach | Social entrepreneur | Speaker | Campaigner

Dr Rola Hallam is an award-winning doctor, trauma-informed life coach, campaigner, speaker, social entrepreneur, and humanitarian. Rola is sought after as a transformational speaker who has shared global stages with presidents, celebrities and grassroots activists. Her online talks have been viewed over 11 million times and inspired thousands to become changemakers. Her work has featured in most media from the New York Times to The Daily Show including two BBC documentaries. 

She has been honored with several awards and is also the first Syrian TED Fellow and founder of CanDo - a humanitarian organization supporting frontline health and aid workers to save children’s lives in their war-devastated communities. She has helped build 7 hospitals in Syria, including the first ever crowdfunded hospital.

Her latest TEDX talk From Clever to Wise. How healing our traumas heals the world shows what Rola’s mission is about.