Climate Consciousness Summit

Maria Leister
Education Director at Harvard Program on Refugee Trauma | MSc Bioethics

As the Director of Education and Community Development of the Harvard Program on Refugee Trauma, she is an advocate for the well-being and integration of trauma-affected refugees and newcomers.  She applies her understanding of the goals of initiatives impacting traumatised populations by cultivating culturally responsive networks of service providers and on bioethics. Maria stands at the forefront of endeavours aimed at creating enduring positive impacts in the lives of vulnerable communities. She has been an integral part of the HPRT faculty and a distinguished alumna of the Global Mental Health Program since 2016. She enriches her work with experiences together with immigration law, management consulting, organisational change strategy, and business development. Pursuing a Master’s degree at Harvard Medical School’s Center for Bioethics, Maria earned her JD from Indiana University, Bloomington School of Law and was awarded with a fellowship from Harvard University’s Office of the President.