Climate Consciousness Summit

Konkankoh Joshua
Indigenous Elder | Social Entrepreneur | Regenerative Educator | Consultant

Konkankoh Joshua is a social entrepreneur and consultant providing advisory services in trust relations for quality and impact in community development, education and social governance. As an indigenous environmental leader he weaves networks that enhance South-North Partnerships whilst reducing social inequalities.

With a background in social communication (Communication Officer and Public Relations) for the National Social Security Department of Cameroon (22 years of service), alongside a degree in Environmental Journalism and Institutional Communication (1996), he has been involved in facilitating cooperation between public services, international founders and equitable trade.

His passion for work entrepreneurship and social innovation led him to the establishment of long-standing NGOs such as Better World Cameroon in 1996 and Bafut Ecovillage in 2011, which became a UN-recognized reference center for sustainability, a model of environmentalism “the African Way”.