Climate Consciousness Summit

Jem Bendell
Founder of the Deep Adaptation Forum | Professor of Sustainability Leadership | Syntropic Agroforester | Singer-songwriter

Professor Jem Bendell is a world-renowned scholar on the breakdown of modern societies due to environmental change. Downloaded over a million times, his Deep Adaptation paper is credited with inspiring the growth of the Extinction Rebellion movement in 2018, and generated a global network to reduce harm in the face of societal collapse. He completed his PhD at the University of Bristol and his Geography BA (Hons) at the University of Cambridge. He was one of the few intellectuals on the green left who criticised many of the policies during the pandemic as being ineffective and harmful. Away from that work, and having stepped back as a Professor, he is now a regenerative farmer in Bali and a singer-songwriter, releasing an EP with the band Sambiloto.