Climate Consciousness Summit

Immad Ahmed
Humanitarian Advisor | Business Analyst

Immad Ahmed is the founder of the Humanitarian Assistance Program, which is a social enterprise that provides technical and strategic support to humanitarian agencies. 

Immad's career started by focusing on environmental awareness and sustainable economic development. Since 2013, he has been working specifically with IDPs in Bangladesh focusing on community empowerment and youth development. 

Since 2017, he led a community-driven initiative in Bangladesh to respond to the Rohingya Crisis and has been working on cross-sectoral initiatives with youth from both the Host and Refugee communities, with a goal to build sustainable and localized initiatives that bring climate change resilience in 3rd world countries.


Immad is currently working on building creative confidence in the youth found in the refugee and IDP camps using Human-Centered Design, to help them solve their own problems in their own communities.