Climate Consciousness Summit

Hazel Healy
DeSmog’s UK Editor | Writer & Broadcaster
Hazel Healy is a writer, broadcaster and editor. She’s currently working as UK Editor of the award-winning nonprofit climate investigations outlet DeSmog. The kinds of stories she specializes in there focus on exposing who and what is blocking action to protect climate and nature - and why. She is also strongly committed to global justice after putting in a solid decade as a co-editor at New Internationalist magazine. From a young age Hazel has asked way too many questions, so being a journalist ultimately felt like the right career, which she took up after working in refugee advocacy, community organizing in Manchester and with feminists in Colombia. Hazel is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and her other bylines and credits include the BBC World Service, The Guardian and LA Times. She lives in Oxford with her partner Alex and their children Laurie and Rita.