Climate Consciousness Summit

Grandmother Ejna Fleury
Tribal Peace Ambassador | Spiritual Counselor | Author

Grandmother Ejna Jean Fleury comes from the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe in South Dakota and is their first Tribal Peace Ambassador. Grandmother Ejna has been practicing meditation for more than 40 years, and is a certified meditation teacher and spiritual counselor. She is co-founder of Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee and the Wounded Knee Global Ceremonies to heal the multi-generational and multi-lineal effects of massacre, holocaust and war upon humanity, other species and the earth.

Grandmother Ejna is Commissioner at the Global Justice and Healing Commission and International Coordinator of Four Worlds Holistic Health Program for Elders & Leaders. She also serves as a minister, healer, priestess, ceremonialist and a pipe carrier in the tradition of White Buffalo Calf Woman.