Climate Consciousness Summit

Anita Soina
Environmental Activist | Author | Founder of The Soina Foundation

Anita Soina is a Kenyan environmental activist from the Maasai community. She is the author of The Green War and the founder of Spice Warriors, a group that advocates for climate change in Kenya. 

She has a BA in Public Relations and Corporate Communication and since graduating she has been an active advocate for environmental causes in Kenya and around the world. 

In 2022 she was the youngest candidate standing for election to the Kenyan national assembly. She has recently created the “The Soina Foundation” to more effectively connect climate change to other societal issues, such as sexual and reproductive health, Education, Sanitation and Health. 

Anita is currently the Youth Champion of United Nations-hosted Sanitation and Water for All global partnership, advocating for water, sanitation and hygiene for all. Anita uses different platforms to mobilize youth, such as the COPs, where she’s been a speaker and panelist (see here her interview with BBC at COP26), the You Lead Summits, and TEDx. Her book, The Green War, Anita talks about her journey and challenges faced by environmental Warriors from the Global South.