Climate Consciousness Summit

Climate Consciousness Summit

15-21 November 2024

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Join 7 transformative days of the Summit
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Free Exclusive Access:
Enjoy inspiring interviews & mindfulness practices from November 15-21, 2025 at times that work for you.

Gain insights into trauma-informed solutions to the climate crisis, rooted in the Pocket Project’s Collective Trauma Integration Process (CTIP)

Engaging Speakers:
Hear from esteemed speakers such as Thomas Hübl, Bayo Akomolafe, Nora Bateson, Satish Kumar, Vanessa Nakate, Deb Dana, Chief Phil Lane Jr., and many more.

Connect with a diverse community of over 20,000 participants worldwide, including climate experts, cultural influencers, policymakers, and grassroots leaders

Be the first to hear directly about emerging COP28 developments:
hear what is happening from voices on the ground in Baku, Azerbaijan, to gain insight into the negotiations and its hopes and failures.

Interactive Sessions: Participate in live online events, including on-the-ground coverage, Global Social Witnessing sessions with community leaders, panel discussions, poetry readings, and more.

Understand the urgency of the next six years recognized as pivotal in preventing irreversible climate damage by 2030, and discover your role in shaping a regenerative future.

Healing Personal and Collective Trauma: Delve into the potential for healing personal, intergenerational, and collective trauma as a key component of addressing the climate emergency.

The Pocket Project is developing the annual Climate Consciousness Summit for the coming cycle of 7 years until 2030.  We aim to initiate the inner and outer transformation needed for true climate action to emerge. 

We bring a trauma-informed approach to climate consciousness and action, acknowledging that trauma lies at the root of our inaction in the face of Climate Change. Trauma symptoms of numbness, apathy, hyper-activation and fragmentation dramatically slow down our ability to respond adequately and implement climate agreements. Our lack of relationship to the crisis is part of the crisis.

Keynote Conversations 2023

"Embodiment is the foundation for healing. Without embodiment, we have no instrument to receive the world and to ground the energy of anxiety, fear and trauma. Our body is the instrument that allows the energy to return and become fertile soil for the future."
Kosha Joubert
CEO Pocket Project


Your contribution helps us to raise awareness, restore our collective sensitivity and increase our flow of co-creative action.

Program Overview


With a wonderful selection of inspirational speakers and solution-holders, we will explore the importance of trauma-informed care to step out of hyper-activation, out of apathy, and into truly transformative climate action.


We will hear from those deeply engaged on the ground at the UN Climate Conference COP29 gaining exciting and personable live updates about what is happening in the negotiations in Baku, Azerbaijan.


Every day, we are accompanied by one mindfulness practice that helps us grow our toolkit to balance ourselves and restore our collective sensitivity.  Together, we are unfolding compassion and possibility.


We listen to voices from the frontlines of the Climate Crisis,  bringing our embodied care and witnessing capacity and shifting from being bystanders to responding from our hearts, minds and bodies.

Updates from COP28 - Voices from the Ground 2023

Mindfulness Practices 2023

Summit Hosts 2023

Together, we are planting a forest in Kenya!

For every sign up, a tree will be planted. For every friend or family member you invite, two more trees will be planted, one for you and one for them.
In this way, while sharing inspiration, we are also growing a forest together and support villages to shift into a cycle of abundance.
The trees will be planted in Kenya by our partner the “Eden Reforestation Projects” as part of the “Bäume für den Wandel” project.